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Who we are

Who is part of this team?

We are El and Lia, two italian girls who discovered the passion for creating video games in 2012, when we were only fifteen.  We started with Rpg maker, a program discovered by chance thanks to famous 2D games such as “Ib” and “Ao oni”.

What made us passionate about the world of independent games is the possibility to create anything you want: characters, stories, imaginary realities. Everything is in the hands of the programmer and we find it a magnificent challenge. Ours is a simple team of two people, so we have to do everything by ourselves, both the graphic and the technical side. It can be difficult sometimes, but in general we like not having to limit ourselves to just one skill, it allows us to learn new things. When we work, we usually give ourselves specific tasks that we then exchange for not having to always do the same thing. A week is El to program, the next Lia and so on. The only thing that Lia does most alone is all about the drawings, in general the artistic side.


What “Asso di Picche” means?

Asso di Picche(Ace of spades, in English), It’s a name we have chosen with great care to represent us. First, we decided to use a name in Italian to indicate our origin. We always do our best to share our games internationally, of course, but we are Italian anyway and we like to show it. Secondly, the ace of spades is a symbol chosen by us for several reasons:

1. In many card games the ace has the highest value among the cards of a given suit;

2. The ace of spades can be associated with the idea of “game”;

3. The ace of spades is always the most decorated card of the deck, which connects to our attention to detail and the aesthetic side of things.


RPG Maker is the only program you use?

RPG Maker was just the beginning of our team. Initially we had several other games to do with it, after La folie aveugle, but the time and the desire to make more complex games made us change our mind. Rpg maker is a closed chapter, although obviously we will not go immediately to 3D, but we will try another type of 2D game much more engaged. We can’t say anything about the game yet. We still have a long way to go to give it life.