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La folie aveugle

La folie aveugle, an horror-puzzles game

La folie aveugle, our first 2D game (made with RPG Maker XP), has finally been published. 

This game was started in 2012, when we discovered for the first time the desire to create videogames, and we managed to complete it only today because of so many ups and downs over the years.


La folie aveugle was very different in origin, from all points of view: name, plot, graphics, playability. Over the years we have had the opportunity to learn more and more the program, a program accessible to anyone but at the same time very limited. An horror game like ours, made up of interactive puzzles, chases, etc, was not so easy to create on RPG maker, since this program was designed for RPG games (hence the name). We put all the effort possible for this game, to be able to make it pleasant and special despite the simple graphics.

You will find all the information and download in the “our creations” section.

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